Self-Directed Services

Getting Started With Self-Direction

We Provide Comprehensive & Compassionate Support

Self-Direction lets you choose the services you want so you can live the life you want. By being in charge of your own services, you have more freedom to choose the right support for you, the staff you want to work with, and a schedule that works best for you.

Ready to get started?

We believe everyone should use their social and financial resources in a way that is centered on them so that they can get the most out of life and reach their own goals. Our Support Broker services include person-centered planning for the future, expanding your circle of support, getting you involved in the community, choosing classes and activities based on your interests, and making a personalized eligibility-funded budget to help you live the life you want.

You can choose to self-direct some or all of the services where you can decide:

  • Who will provide authorized services
  • What services are secured to achieve desired goals
  • When the authorized services take place
  • Where services are provided
  • How services are customized to meet your needs
Is Self-Direction Right For Me?

You can choose Self-Direction if you are eligible for OPWDD services and enrolled in the Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) Waiver. Self-Direction might be a good choice for you if:

1. You want your services and schedule to be more open to change.

2. You are ready to decide on your services independently or with help.

3. You want to be more in charge of running your services. Think about what kind of help you need at home, in your community, and in your daily life before you start. You can always go back to a more traditional support model if you try self-directing your services and find that it doesn’t work.

Who Will Help Me Get Started?

If you choose self-direction, you will work with a team of individuals who will assist you in selecting services and creating a budget. This team, or Circle of Support, consists of individuals you select.

Your Circle of Support may include family and close friends, your Care Manager, a Support Broker, and well-versed staff members. What is an Assistance Broker? If you want to manage how your budget is spent, you can hire a Support Broker for assistance.

Your Broker will develop a self-directed budget with you based on the services and supports you require.

Your Broker can also assist you in developing a plan to achieve your desired life outcomes.

Getting Started with Self-Direction Services in New York

Ready to Get Started?

Our program begins with a pre-meeting with you and your family, during which we discuss the overview of our program, our services, and the potential benefits to your family. We also interview you to determine whether The Patricia Solutions LLC services is a good fit for your child by asking about your child’s expectations, desires, and goals. Also, based on your information, we proposed an action plan for service delivery to meet your child’s current skill level.

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